2021.5.25 (Wed)
22:00 pm (UTC+8)
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Aero Wong
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Supply chain. E-commerce. And Technology.

The intended audiences of Peace of Chain podcast are: supply chain professionals and e-commerce business owners. We interview top-notch industry insiders and technologists to help all types of supply chain stakeholders to scale their businesses.

Topics cover:


  • Supply chain management and optimization

  • Demand generation

  • Technology adoption (e.g.: blockchain, A.I., cloud service integration, etc.)


Launch Parnter

Ellen Chisa
Boldstart Ventures, Founder in Residence
  • Ellen Chisa

The Founder-in-Residence of Boldstart, a first check investor for founders reinventing the enterprise stack. Also, she’s the CEO and co-founder of Dark, a programming language coupled to its editor and infrastructure, that raised $5.5M in capital.

Sheldon Li
BuyAndShip, Cofounder and Chairman
  • Sheldon Li

The visionary in the supply chain industry. He is not only the Cofounder and Chairman of BuyAndShip, but also the Cofounder and Director of multiple supply chain companies, including: ZhenHub, Pakpobox, LHT Express. And the board member of Morning Express & Logistic Limited.

Sean Lee
Algorand Foundation, CEO
  • Sean Lee

The CEO of Algorand Foundation. Founded by cryptographer and Turing award winner Silvio Micali, Algorand aims to solve the technical barriers of existing blockchain infrastructure.

Mike Belsito
Product Collective, Cofounder
  • Mike Belsito

The Cofounder of Product Collective, a community serving 30,000+ technology product management professionals. He’s also the co-host of Rocketship.fm, one of the longest running and top-downloaded podcasts for entrepreneurs and product management professionals. It has been featured in media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, and elsewhere.

Rob McGrorty
Osaro, VP of Product
  • Rob McGrorty

The VP of Product of Osaro, an applied Artificial Intelligence company, automating the global manufacturing and supply chain through advanced robotic vision and control. He leads the product team in continuing to develop and refine the products to drive more scale and efficiency for the global supply chain.

Wilson Chan
BuyAndShip, CEO
  • Wilson Chan

The CEO of BuyAndShip, the largest cross-border eCommerce enablers in Asia. BuyAndShip has expanded to Japan, China, Taiwan, and Macau, with the rest of the Asia Pacific region in the coming future, serving over 800,000 members in the APAC region. Their warehouses are located across the globe, including US, UK, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Canada.

Karthik Vijayakumar
Design Your Thinking Labs, Managing Partner
  • Karthik Vijayakumar

The producer and host of a Top100 Entrepreneurship podcast. He is also the Managing Partner of Design Your Thinking Labs, which helps brands and businesses use branded podcasts & transmedia storytelling to drive business results.


Launch Episode

The Evolution of Brand Management, by Ellen Chisa


How Supply Chain is Changing in Asia, by Sheldon Li


The First Proof of Stake Blockchain Platform, by Sean Lee


How to Build Community to Enhance Customer Relationship, by Mike Belsito


Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Automation, by Rob McGrorty


How E-commerce is Changing in Asia, by Wilson Chan


Being an Informational Product E-commerce Business Owner, by Karthik Vijayakumar


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